Pre-viz & MoCap on DEMAND


B the Business, our MobaCap service provides quick, easy and affordable access to clean motions in all the most common formats - general animation, game, and VFX development where on-staff specialists record, polish and produce motions on demand.

A the Artist, a Martial Artist my be found at a Dojo or a Performance Artist maybe found at an auditorium, where MobaCap services are delivered directly.  Or...You may become the Artist on site, at work!

Thus, eliminating the need for on-site dedicated motion capture suits or spaces.

C the Client, defined by the need for the motion data and the person who has that specific need. Perhaps, an Art Director or a Production Manager or someone completely new to motion capture.This

person becomes Actor and Director, donning the suit and recording live motion capture ready for export on site, on demand and at your location.